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This Nude waist slimmer compresses the tummy with a Control Waist Wrap. Olidia’s Hair Boutique’s shapewear provides weight loss and slims the belly with a form-fitting compression belt. Worn around your waist it burns calories giving you that hourglass figure during workouts and long after
1. High-quality polyester and latex are woven together to create the environmentally friendly and resilient strap.
2. Extra calories are burned by increasing body temperature, focusing on the midsection
3. 6 segmented hook and loop fasteners adjust the tightness according to your needs.
4. Our variety of wrapped shapewear fits the body curves, suitable for all figures.
5. The product has passed 10,000 elastic tests and is not easy to deform. Its elasticity is strong and durable.

Waist Slimming Compressor Belt

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