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Hair Model

Olidias Hair Boutique

Olidia's Hair Boutique is an online human hair extension shop. Our hair bundles are obtained from one donor at a time. We sell various hair extensions with high quality but low prices across the world. Currently, we have Natural Straight, Yaki Straight, Body Wave, and Island Curls hair types from a variety of world regions. Our hair is 100% human hair without any chemical process.


Virgin Peruvian Remy

Virgin Peruvian Remy– It is popular for people that are looking for natural straight or relaxed yaki hair textures.  It is silky, shiny and it is lightweight. It does not swell too much and it straightens very easily when a flat iron is used.

Virgin Malaysian Remy

Virgin Malaysian Remy-It is lightweight, soft and has a beautiful natural shine. This hair is our second most well known virgin hair after the Virgin Brazilian Remy. Virgin Malaysian is silkier than Brazilian Remy. It is suitable for African American hair and also blends well in medium Caucasian hair textures. Furthermore, it is likewise famous with big names, such as Beyonce, Rihanna, and many more.

Virgin Brazilian Remy

Virgin Brazilian Remy–This is our top of the line virgin hair. This type of hair is soft, very durable, and it is great for a full look, as Brazilian hair has thick hair strands. Because of its density, Virgin Brazilian hair will hold curls for a long time as well. This hair is very easy to mix with African American relaxed hair. We highly recommend Virgin Brazilian hair for women who are transitioning to their natural hair and need something that looks natural on them.

Virgin Indian Remy

Virgin Indian Remy– Virgin Indian is more course than both Virgin Peruvian Remy and Virgin Malaysian Remy. Virgin Indian Remy is very versatile and easily blends well with African American, Caucasian and Asian hair textures.

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